Agency Banking

Agency banking is a retail or postal outlet contracted by a licensed financial institution or a mobile money operator to process clients transactions rather than a branch teller, it is the owner or an employee of the retail outlet who is an agent that conducts the transaction and lets clients deposit, withdraw, and transfer funds, pay their bills, inquire about an account balance,or receive government benefits or a direct deposit from their employer.

Agency banking mostly contracted to an Aggregator/Super Agent and this could be a Corporate organization, pharmacies, supermarkets, convenience stores, lottery outlets, post offices, and many more.

Agency banking are the backbone of mobile banking, i.e., performing transactions over a mobile device, most often a mobile phone to enable clients convert cash into electronic money and vice versa which can be send sent over their mobile phone. Clients will have to visit a branch, automated teller machine (ATM), or banking agent especially in remote and rural areas where cash is still the most important way to pay and transact. Agency banking service is dependent on banking agents to enable clients to effectively use the service.

Build and manage mobile money agent network as a Super-agent/Aggregator.

A super-agent is an agent that has been contracted by the principal(mobile money operator) and thereafter may subcontract other agents in a network while retaining overall responsibility for the agency relationship by creating as many as possible  agent under her agency network.We have the capacity to build and manage agent network by funding their agent wallet for business transaction.

Train and register agent.

One of the major responsibility of a Super agent is to train and register sub-agent and sole agent under the his agency platform with the MMO (mobile money operator) and increase agent network.

Collection of government levy.

Mobile money has create a platform for easy transaction via a mobile device or agent outlet, to these effect the federal government has put a measure for collection of some levies via a mobile wallet for client convenience and greater reach which will reduce leakage in government revenue. such levy like traffic law defaulter to FRSC, FIRS, Taxes and many more as the scheme is fully adopted.

Third party motor vehicle insurance:

This is available on our MMO platform in conjunction with cornerstone insurance which allow client get their genuine insurance policy in 5 minutes at our agent outlet.

Mobile money platform for Organizations:

This has allow “Pay-collect and Pay-out” which enable the organization receive money from client via a mobile wallet and also pay staff salaries or stipend into their mobile wallet.The platform had helped lot of big organization and government establishment to save and reduced bank charges as all their staff payment is directed to their mobile wallet which is more convenient and cheaper  and also reduce leakage in company revenue.  The number one bottling company in Nigeria (NBC) is seriously enjoying the service from our mobile money operator. we have the likes of Arik airline,Aero contractor, Ogun state health scheme insurance program, Total filling stations, FIRS and many more. Contact us today and let put you on our MMO platform for smooth running of your business activities and customer convenience

Mobile money first tier service This is simply subscriber registration, cash-in and cash-out. Despite our tight schedule and commitment as a Super-agent we still render first tire service at our outlet so visit us today for better service that make a significant impact.