Mobile money is an emerging global trend designed to drive development and modernization of payment system to reduce the cost of banking services and drive financial inclusion by providing more efficient transaction options and grater reach.

Mobile money have improved the effectiveness of monetary policy in managing inflation and driven the economy growth of developing countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Malaysia, Philippines, Uganda, Ghana and other developed nations of the world.

Mobile money allows phone users do transaction at their comfort zone via a mobile phone. It is a virtual means of making a transaction via a mobile phone whereas your phone is your bank (mobile wallet) and the phone number is your account number.

It is a convenient, secure, reliable and affordable way of sending and receives money, bills payment and other transactions.

The strategic role and relevant of mobile money to the socio-economic growth and development of a nation cannot be over-emphasized, to this effect CBN have come-up with a policy (Cash-less) a new policy on cash base transaction which stipulate a ‘cash handling charges’.

However, mobile money scheme allows for point of sales payment to be made through a mobile phone.

The effective projection of any policy can only be achieved through a synergy of marketing communication approach, to this end we are position as an Aggregator/Super agent with the top players in Finance and Mobile money industry to train and build mobile money agent throughout the federation to further promote and commend the cash-less policy.

Statistic have shown that to any new trend in technology, new set of millionaires are band to emerge and we are set to produce the next set of millionaires in the industry through our agent network by empowering thousands of youth as mobile money agent on our partner MMO (mobile money operators) platform.


  1. It reduce the risk of carrying cash around.
  2. It saves time.
  3. It is more convenient.
  4. It requires no formal education to operate.
  5. It is affordable.
  6. It encourage savings.
  7. It checkmate against unnecessary spending.
  8. It is available on all GSM network.
  9. It can be used on any mobile phone.


Professional men and women.
Market women.
Business men and women.
And anyone that uses mobile phone.

How To Get an Instant Mobile Wallet

To get an instant mobile wallet just type Reg<space> firstname<space> lastname<space> 100619 and send to 09030000643 as text message from your phone for example Reg kelvin peter 100619 to 09030000643 as text message. or dial *909# follow the instruction and use 08074133544 as your agent code or agent referral phone number. you will get one time token or pin , please dial the code again to change your pin and work into our agent outlet or any of our agent network outlet to fund your wallet.

How to access your Mobile Wallet

Mobile wallet could be access in 3 different ways,
1. USSD Access
i.For Firstmonie Dial *894#
ii For Stanbicibtc mobile money Dial *909#
iii. For Teasy mobile money Dial *808#
iv. For Ecobank Mobile Money Dial *326#
v. For Pido on Etisalat *62274# and *955# on Airtel/MTN

2. WEB Access
Web access which give you access to your wallet via internet browser on any internet enable device in any part of the world. This will require you to login to mmo site and fill in your details as you did during your registration process with an agent and you are good to go.

3. MobileApp Access
Downloading of mobile Apps on any internet enable device like smart phones and tablet. You can download the mobile applications on Android Playstore, Nokia OVI store, Blackberry app world, iOS app store, Windows store.